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From our founding as New Amsterdam to our emergence as the 'Capital of Immigrant America,' small business has always been the lifeblood of the New York City. But today small business in the city is experiencing a historic crisis not seen since the Great Depression. 

When Bill de Blasio was Public Advocate, he supported the Small Business and Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA), a bill to protect small businesses from predatory landlords and neighborhoods from the proliferation of chain stores and fast food franchises. Now that de Blasio is mayor, he and the current Public Advocate have done nothing to push the bill through the City Council, where it died without even coming to a vote. As Public Advocate, I will resubmit the SBJSA to the City Council and demand an immediate vote. Independent and small businesses—from neighborhood restaurants, bodegas, bookstores and coffee shops to theaters, galleries, and boutiques—are what give this city color, personality, and charm. They are one of the reasons why we live here. We should help these small business owners—who create a more interesting place for us to live and for tourists to visit and spend their money—not make it more challenging for them to survive. 

As Public Advocate, I will fight to preserve what makes this city  special, and serve as a mouthpiece for those who feel their voice is not heard. I will fight against all "compromise" small business protection bills that fail to provide teeth behind the effort to limit rent increases.